Raijin Ramen is a Japanese style food truck. It takes visual inspiration from Japanese Ukiyo-e wood block prints from Edo period Japan to harken back to traditional Japanese culture, but also takes illustrative elements from  packaging and graffiti art in the more modern, urban shopping hotspots of Japan today. This decision was made to attract a hip, younger audience. This target audience would include millennials as well as Gen Z.

The brand utilizes yokai creatures from Japanese lore and mythology to serve as mascots. Each creature is depicted striking a dynamic pose (a common theme found in the Ukiyo-e prints) and has food incorporated into its illustration in order to tie it back to the food truck itself. 

Collateral pieces: Packaging (Cups, ramen carrying case, sushi packaging, ramen cup, chopsticks, takoyaki box, etc.) Noren curtains, uniform (hat, apron, shirt), buttons, stickers, signage, A-frame menu, map and schedule